Getting Organised

New day. New year. Fresh start and a good time to get my everything together.

  1. Tidy desk;tidy mind.
  2. To-do list’s.
  3. Clear your mind (me time).
  4. Spend time only doing things you love. (Unless thats school work.)
  5. Treats.

Personally, I’m a much happier human being when I’m productive.Even though I love  long sunday morning lie-ins and napping on the sofa and hours of doing nothing much at all.

Getting started is half the work. Normally, once I’ve started what I’ve been dreading, it’s only half as bad as I’ve made it up to me in my mind. (Excluding maths homework!).

My brain finds it extremely difficult to function when there’s too much to think about. Break down your worries and get rid of them. Talk to someone.  Have some me time too, have breaks often when you’re working to clear your mind. Have a bath, read, whatever – just take time out. 

Tidy desk;tidy mind – It’s true! If you’re in a space you love, you’re more likely to want to spend more time there. Even if it means you have to spend hours there, doing course work.

Listen to music. This is something I would recommend maybe not doing whilst revising, or doing a subject that’s really intense, but whilst doing course work like art or photography, it can make it feel more enjoyable and like much less of a chore.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Z x


Hello 2017

Hello everybody!

2017 starts tomorrow (!!). Another year has whizzed by, and I’m genuinely amazed how crazy fast it’s gone.I thought now would be the time to share with you some of my aims I’m going to try and stick to in the upcoming year…

I seem to always have that one resolution about ‘eating less chocolate’ or ‘getting more exercise’- that one that I never really achieve – or do for a month or so but then by Feburary start feeling rubbish about myself not doing it and not bothering.

And then I always used to write pages and pages of resolutions that I knew realistically were never going to happen. So again this year, (like last year)I’m only doing five. And this way, I can at least try to achieve  them all. It would be really cool if you too, would  post five New Years resolutions for 2017  below in the comments and we can update each other on our progress. And a special good luck for any of you trying to eat more healthily  this new year!

So these are my resolutions:

  1. Say yes to doing more- Try to do more new things. More ADVENTURE.
  2. Try more relaxation techniques – Use my calm app every day to help with breathing and to lower my anxiety level and to know when I just need to take some time out.
  3. Stop trying to please everyone- Not everyone will like you, that’s OK.
  4. Stop overthinking things – Just go for it.
  5. Don’t live in the past or fear change – change is good.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!

x x x

2016 through the camera lens

Another year gone by.  And it’s been a good one.

2016 memories…

  • `Birthday running (or rather skipping) around Brighton
  • Quiet snow day in January
  • Exploring Brick lane and Portobello road market
  • School trip
  • India- exploring Dehli and Goa
  • trip to the seaside in the October break
  • halloween with my friends
  • The Lion King and bus tour of London
  • 1 year on this blog
  • Lovely Christmas with my family
  • Loads of family walks in the summer
  • messing about with friends at school
  • Getting my guinea pigs
  • Bastille  concert

If I picked my favourite day of the year, of course I have so many amazing memories because I’ve done some pretty awesome things but I’d probably choose just a random day of the year joking about with my brother. It’s not the places you go, but the people you’re with. And everything I have done this year wouldn’t be at all the same if I wasn’t surrounded by my friends and family.

To everyone reading this, thank you for the year.

Enjoy the photos!

Lot’s of love,

Zoë  x x x

Merry Christmas (!!!)

It’s currently 10:59 pm on christmas eve. And I realised after all of my ramblings about how excited I was for christmas, I hadn’t actually wished you a merry christmas yet…so…

M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S ! !

I hope you have a magical few days.

Lots of love,

Zoë xxxx



Ramble and CHRISTMAS (diy)


Hello, I’m currently sitting i bed, ill. *coughs and sneezes* But I hadn’t really written anything in a while so I thought I would instead just post some photos. I hope you don’t mind!

I wish I had something really incietfull or useful to say…but oh well!

This year has gone OH so fast! It’s crazy. And although I obviously don’t want Christmas to be over just yet, I think this the most excited I have  been for the new year. Ever.

To me Christmas is the time I always look forward to. By the first of December I’m playing Michael Bublé on repeat and decking out my room with enough Christmas decorations to fill a castle. And of course it’s the time you see all you family and friends and doesn’t everyone seem just that little bit happier?

And then by December 26th, it’s over. That’s what when I was younger, I used to hate. You have a nice new years eve but then there’s nothing much to look forward to because it’s the middle of winter and Christmas is a whole year away.

But in these last few years I’ve learned to love it.

It’s a whole new year. Anything could happen. There’s leftover party food and quality streets and all the Christmas chocolates to munch on whilst staying in watching rubbish films whilst it’s raining outside. You’re surrounded by family and friends. It’s great.

But now I think about it, I guess a lot of your new years won’t be like that at all.

I have quite a view readers from across the world. I just wondered what you’ll be doing? Do Australians eat out in the sunshine for their christmas dinner?  Do people who live in China celebrate on our New year as well as theirs?

Food for your thoughts.

Or thoughts for your food, but I’m not sure that really works out too well…. Haha.

DIY present ideas…


You will need…

  • A big clear glass bowl/jar (can get them in super markets, craft shops like hobby craft, gardening centres etc.)
  • soil (from the garden or gardening centre)
  • cacti & succulents (easily found gardening centres, mine are from ikea)
  • small rocks and pebbles (pets at home do small pebbles for aquariums which work well)
  • moss (garden)

To to this I layered small rocks, pebbles, soil and moss around a cacti in a jar. I didn’t make such a big terrarium but I think it would work well with two cacti and a succulent in a planter.  It makes a really nice gift especially because it’s not something you might buy for yourself.

Christmas snow globe:

You will need:

  • a plain jar ( can take the label off of an old jam jar but you can also find them in shops)
  • A small bottle brush tree (that would fit in said jar) (I got mine from Tiger)
  • ribbon or twine(craft shop)
  • fake snow (if you can find it!)

This is something I have seen on pintrest  many times and wanted to try, but I’ve never been able to find the bottle brush tree. But this year I saw they had them stocked in Tiger and I had a go. However I didn’t include the water in the snow globe because (unfortunately) I don’t own a glue gun, so the jar would leak. But I used a tiny bit of blue tac to stick a bottle brush tree to the inside lid of the jar, which I thought looked really cute. I also used some candy cane twine to tie around it which finished it off nicely.

Comment if you have a go at either of the DIY’s, and how you’ll be celebrating your Christmas and New year, if you celebrate it.

Zoë X X X



Hello! Hope you have all had a great week…

Today we got our family christmas tree! I just love how it looks with all the lights and tinsel, and it smells incredible! We spent some time listening to christmas music whilst decorating the tree, and then made a gingerbread house and when to a christmas panto. I now feel so festive!