Nail polish favourites

If I’m really honest, I don’t like painting my nails. At all. I love having pretty shiny nails but I’m so awful at applying it and really impatient and it normally chips or smudges and looks bad. But I made it my mission to try nd learn to do it properly, and in doing so, started to collect a fair number of them. I thought I would share them with you.

As far as formulation goes, my for sure favourite is essie. Essie are more expensive for a high street nail polish, retailing at around £7/8, but for the awesome colour range and the quality , it might be worth those extra few pounds. I have also seen a few at Tk maxx being sold for a bit less, so if you like the sound of them it might be worth having a look in there too. But I also love the Topshop nail polishes, and Barry M. 

You can find my essie favourites here.


Rock at the top (left) & Ballet Slippers (right)

Z x x



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